Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Power Amplifier

Model : NAP 250 "Chrome Bumper"
Manufacturer : Naim Audio

Reference : Naim Audio on Wikipedia
Documentation : Product Manual


Having high-quality sound is important, and that’s what the Naim Audio NAP 250 Power Amplifier provides. The square design of the Naim NAP 250 takes up minimal space, but provides big sound. The powder finish coating on the Naim Audio Power Amp matches well with other audio equipment for an impressive and complete sound system design that is easy to maintain. The Naim NAP 250 can be enjoyed at home, outdoors, or with large groups of people because it packs 80 watts of power and 400 VA on transient outputs. To improve sound quality, the Naim Audio Power Amp sits on anti-vibration feet that help to control resonance and other outside sound variances. The NAP 250 Power Amplifier also features a performance gain of 29 dB, output impedance of 8 ohms, input impedance of 18 ohms, and output voltage of 230 V. Enjoy superb sound, increased base, and superior vibrations in music with the NAP 250 Power Amplifier. This NAP 250 Power Amplifier provides an unforgettable music experience.

  • Gain 29 dB
  • Input Impedance 18 kohm
  • Output Impedance 8 ohm
  • Output Voltage 230 V
  • Input XLR
  • Date 1984

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